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iPass for MNOs

iPass for MNOs

Better Experience. Greater Capacity. Lower Costs. More Value for Customers.

Data, data, everywhere. But not a drop to drink. At least, that’s how your customers feel. No matter how much network capacity for data you add, your customers immediately consume it. And cellular-allotted spectrum can meet only about a quarter of the demand globally. With consumers insisting on ever lower prices, Wi-Fi offload has become not just a viable alternative, but a strategic necessity for every mobile operator.

So delight your customers with the best Wi-Fi connectivity experience. Our iPass SmartConnect™ connection management platform uses intelligent network selection to choose the best network available, whether Wi-Fi or cellular, based on availability, performance, and cost. The result is Wi-Fi that feels like a seamless extension of your cellular service and connection success rates that lead the industry.

iPass has the largest Wi-Fi network on the planet. It’s the perfect coverage complement to cellular. Get iPass and differentiate yourself from a crowded field. Trust us, your customers will reward you.

What We Offer:

iPass SmartConnect - Global WiFi for businesses

iPass SmartConnect™ for MNOs

Get connection management with intelligent network selection and connect your mobile subscribers to high-performing, global Wi-Fi.

iPass Developer Program - SDKs, APIs and Developer Community

iPass Developer Program

Embed our capabilities into your service by joining our developer program. Gives you access to our SDK and other developer resources.

iPass White Label - Our App, Your Brand

iPass SmartConnect White Label

Offer high-performing, global Wi-Fi connectivity to your customers with our app and your brand.

iPass Veri-fi Analytics and Data - Geotargeted Big Data

Veri-Fi™ Analytics and Big Data

Gain valuable insights into user behavior and enable a range of applications based on accurate Wi-Fi infrastructure location data.

Why you need to add iPass to your service:


Reduce network congestion

Optimize network performance through our intelligent connection management platform. iPass supports an intelligent, Wi-Fi-first, data offload strategy, lowering capacity costs and improving coverage in crucial areas.


Enhance customer experience

Users want to connect and communicate like they’re at home, whether they’re roaming abroad or just walking down the street. Patented iPass SmartConnect™ technology lets them do just that, giving them seamless access to the best hotspot, on any device. Once subscribers are registered, they won’t need to log in, provide credentials or authenticate ever again.


Drive new revenue

The competition for new subscribers is fierce. Enhance your product offering and gain new subscribers with global Wi-Fi. Access our Wi-Fi geolocation data for mobile advertising, partnerships with content providers or anything else.


More data. More Time. Better Coverage.


More footprint. Better roaming ROI. Lower costs.